By Jim Allen

May 1, 2018

My novel is a work in progress — on several levels — but people have been asking about it, so I’ve decided to share bits of it as I go forward with it. This is still the first draft, so there will be continuity issues, plot issues and so on, so please understand.

The working title is “Shelby” after the fifth-grade boy growing up in California in the 1960s who was supposed to be the main character. The story starts with him being bullied, I say “supposed” to because there are other characters who are just more interesting than he is.

One of those characters is Shelby’s classmate Jen. She saw what happened to Shelby, who is trying hard to prevent anyone knowing what happened. Jen knows one of the boys who harassed him, and warns Shelby about him. This starts the next part of the story.

Part 1 Part 2


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