NPB 2020: 6-26 pitchers

Here are the starting pitchers for NPB’s games of Friday, June 26.

Pacific League

Eagles vs Fighters: Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Takahiro Norimoto vs Kohei Arihara

A duel between a guy major league scouts had their eye on, Norimoto, until he committed to the Eagles for eternity over the winter, and Arihara, who intends to play in the majors in 2021, provided there is a 2021 season.

Lions vs Hawks: MetLife Dome 6 pm, 5 am EDT

ZACH NEAL vs Nao Higashihama

Neal, who opened the 2019 season 1-1 will go for his 13th-straight win following his victory on Opening Day.

Marines vs Buffaloes: Zozo Marine Stadium 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Ayumu Ishikawa vs Taisuke Yamaoka

Central League

Dragons vs Carp: Nagoya Dome 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Yudai Ono vs Daichi Osera

Talk about a tough act to follow. Osera went 2-for-3 with a homer, an RBI single, two runs, a sacrifice, 3 RBIs. Oh and he allowed one run over the distance. He’s 10-6 against the Dragons lifetime, but 3-4 at Nagoya Dome.

BayStars vs Tigers: Yokohama Stadium 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Shota Imanaga vs Yuki Nishi

Swallows vs Giants: Jingu Stadium 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Masanori Ishikawa vs Tomoyuki Sugano

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