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Scout Diary: Jan. 18, 2020

My course is half over, and I’ve been dawdling about reaching out to people for interviews, so that’s my priority for today.

We need to do a minimum of two informational interviews for the course. In my analytics course, I made the mistake of not reading the syllabus before the start of the class, resulting in a lot of wasted time. I began reaching out the other day, starting with a scouting director for an NPB team I met a year ago.

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Still, I need to break out of my comfort zone, which is casually contacting people I randomly run into in the course of writing about baseball. There is no plan or direction, but to be a scout in Japan will require building relationships with people all over the country and that means pursuing people I have no access to.

Assignment 1: Position Player Report

Our first scouting report assignment was to write about a position player. I picked Ryo Ota because he had a superb year in NPB’s Western League after being the Orix Buffaloes’ top draft pick out of powerhouse Tenri H.S.

I found a lot of youtube video of him from his school days, and a little from his pro debut and spring training BP.

Our scouting instructor, Hank Jones, wanted a physical comparison to an MLB player, but Ota isn’t like anyone I could find. He doesn’t look like Robinson Cano, although they are listed as the same height and weight, he sure does field like him.

Ryo Ota, SS, Orix Buffaloes

Ryo Ota

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