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NPB news June 24, 2022

There was a bunch of Fighters news to take our minds off the carnage that is taking place seemingly every time Munetaka Murakami sees a pitch in the strike zone.

The Fighters are about to sign a new lefty, and may be giving their devoted fans a break from their skipper’s bullpen management, while Shinjo himself said that, for his team right now, winning is overrated.

Shall we get to it all?

Friday’s games

Swallows 16, Giants 6: At Jingu Stadium, we had Game 1 of what the Yomiuri broadcasters have been billing as a show-down series between the Giants and their Chuo-sen Tokyo Central League rivals.

Well, that series is here, and on Friday, Jingu was at its windiest and home run-hitting friendliest.

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