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NPB news: June 22, 2022

Roki Sasaki returned from 10 days of R and R, and looked all the better for it. Dietrich Enns delivered a solid start for the Seibu Lions, and Adam Walker had a game that has typified his season, one weak defensive play followed by a decisive home run for the Yomiuri Giants.

Akira Neo showed more flashes of good stuff on the mound, while the Hiroshima Carp continue to make the Hanshin Tigers roll over and play dead, and we have a new Pacific League leader.

Shall we get started?

Wednesday’s games

Marines 2, Lions 1: At Chiba Marine Stadium, Roki Sasaki (6-1) allowed three hits and three walks while striking out nine over seven innings. His command was as good as it’s been since his April perfect game as he consistently hit the glove, although his fastball was often flat, his splitter was very good.

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NPB news: June 12, 2022

The CL won interleague for the second time in two years and the third time overall since 2005 with a 55-53 record despite being outscored 375-338.

Tsuyoshi Wada pitched against the Yakult Swallows with a shot at his 37th career interleague win, while a pitcher half his age who is garnering 10 times as many headlines, Roki Sasaki, has been deactivated for another 10-day stint on the inactive list.

Brian O’Grady whipped it up, while, Dietrich Enns, and Joe Gunkel also had days to remember, so let’s get to it.

Sunday’s games

Swallows 3, Hawks 0: At Fukukuoka Dome, 41-year-old Tsuyoshi Wada and 25-year-old Keiji Takahashi stole the show from Munetaka Murakami in a riveting pitchers’ duel. Wada, whose velocity is the best it’s been since he had Tommy John surgery in 2012, struck out eight while allowing two walks and one hit over six innings.

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