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Mr. Nemoto’s mystery tour

There was an interesting story last month about Rikuo Nemoto, one of Japan’s most cunning executives, who for a while was one of the few people to create any kind of team dynasty since the introduction of the draft leveled the playing field somewhat.

The story, published in Nikkan Sports, talks about how in the autumn of 1994, Nemoto managed to secure his top draft target, slugging catcher Kenji Jojima, without the hassle of having to deal with Japan’s ubiquitous draft day lottery for marquee amateurs coveted by several teams.

The story is a nice summary of the superficial story, with enough additional information thrown in to imply to the reader that the story spelled out is not quite the whole story.

I dug into it because, I’ve heard a number of stories about Nemoto, and his various talents, and expected to find some nugget I hadn’t heard, but instead, we get a story which looks like the writer wanted to be able to deny he suggested any under-handed dealing by Nemoto, while pretty much doing just that.

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NPB news: Nov. 8, 2022

We’re a day away from the first of Samurai Japan’s two international friendlies against Australia, and though is not close to the team Hideki Kuriyama will eventually compete with in March, it does have Munetaka Murakami and Roki Sasaki, who is going to start Thursday’s game at Sapporo Dome.

NPB has also announced the details of the active player draft, while the Nippon Ham Fighters’ new park has an issue, and the award for the person making the greatest contribution to pro baseball was awarded to a Japan Series-winning manager for the 20th time in 22 years, although the player that people spent the whole season talking about and lifted the game to new heights, did get an honorable mention.

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