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Heavy interest in Suzuki

More teams than expected have been reaching out to negotiate with Hiroshima Carp outfielder Seiya Suzuki, his agent, Joel Wolfe told Japanese media in an online interview on Sunday. Wolfe also said he’s turned down teams wishing to sign Suzuki before a lockout occurs in December.

Profile: Seiya Suzuki

Season-ending special offer

To mark the end of the season, all new paid subscriptions by Nov. 30 will receive two months free. Paid subscribers get unlimited access to paid material, such as essays, historical research and my player profile scouting reports.

The site depends on your support to keep going, and costs as little as $6.00 for two months. Thank you for you reading jballallen.com. I hope you enjoy.

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Award votes CL 2021

Had a few things to get out of the way this week, a Seiya Suzuki story for a Japanese magazine, and a softball story for the day job, so I put off voting until today.

For each league we get to cast three votes for MVP. The winner is the player with the highest point total of their 5-point first-place votes, 3-point second-place votes and their 1-point third-place votes.

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