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NPB news: April 2, 2023

Kaima Taira made his first start after asking the team during last winter’s contract negotiations to rescue him from his late relief role, while Yakult’s top draft pick last autumn also made his debut as a starter, while Hanshin’s top pick also made a little noise, as did the Lotte Marines and Hiroshima Carp, who’d been shut out in their first two games, and one of Japan’s two rookie managers got his first win.

Sunday saw Japan firsts for Matt Davidson, David McKinnon and Marwin Gonzalez, and the weird timing to call for a pinch-hitter by a manager other than Tatsunori Hara, so let’s get to it.

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Giants 3, Dragons 2: At Tokyo Dome, Yoshihiro Maru cracked his first home run to break a 2-2 eighth-inning tie, and Taisei Ota, who was unavailable due to “lack of fitness” after the WBC when Yomiuri blew a ninth-inning lead on Opening Day, recorded his first save as the Giants scored without much help from Sho Nakata. After driving in all of the Giants’ five runs in their first two games, Nakata was held to a walk in four plate appearances.

Yoshihiro Maru’s tie-breaking home run.
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NPB news: Feb. 13, 2023

Today in Japanese baseball, Tsuyoshi Shinjo scapegoats his coaches, players are making changes ahead of the WBC and not everyone is happy about it, while the man who wrote the books on Japanese baseball is honored with a prestigious award just and also batted 1.000 in predicting the Tokyo governor’s response to the looming Jingu Gaien disaster.

It’s a busy day so let’s get to it.

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