The Golden Gloves

The Golden Glove winners were announced Monday, and to go with them, I’ll proved how the winners and near misses scored in the available metrics.

Since the Pacific League won the Japan Series, we’ll start there with the votes received, the Delta Graphs UZR 1200 (and catcher ratings), and Fielding Win Shares at the position per 1,000 innings played for the winner, the runner-up in the voting and the leader in each metric.

Pacific League


Yoshinobu Yamamoto wins his second and second straight.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Bu)22514.4NA
Masahiro Tanaka (E)123.1NA


Takuya Kai had an up and down season, but when a player is considered the best at his position for so long, it’s hard to dislodge him. Kai wins his sixth and sixth straight.

VotesDG UZR 1200DG CatcherWS 1000
Takuya Kai (H)1810.11.36.5
Ginjiro Sumitani (E)
Tomoya Mori160.82.013.5
Toshiya Sato85.61.46.2

First Base

Akira Nakamura wins his third straight and third overall. I voted for Daichi Suzuki…

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Akira Nakamura (H)1614.82.1
Hotaka Yamakawa (L)47-0.41.3
Daichi Suzuki (E)288.12.8

Second Base

Shuta Tonosaki wins for the first time in two years, and for the second time overall.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Shuta Tonosaki (L)16116.15.5
Shogo Nakamura (M)71-9.73.7
Masaki Mimori (H)2717.55.0

Third Base

Yuma Mune wins for the second time overall and second straight.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Yuma Mune (Bu)189-5.12.9
Hisanori Yasuda (M)589.33.5


Sosuke Genda gets his fifth in a row and fifth overall. Really no question here.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Sosuke Genda (L)18918.06.1
Kenta Imamiya (E)796.54.5


Akito Takabe and Shohei Fukuda are first-time winners, while Rakuten’s Tatsumi won his first last year.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Akito Takabe (M)17810.82.4
Ryosuke Tatsumi (E)1751.33.7
Shuhei Fukuda (Bu)79-2.91.6
Yuki Yanagita69-12.52.8

Central League


Masato Morishita wins his first. I voted for Imanaga.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Masato Morishita (C)225-3.7NA
Shota Imanaga (BS)8310.4NA


Nakamura wins his third gold glove, one for each of Yakult’s CL pennants in his career, 2015, 2021 and 2022.

VotesDG UZR 1200DG CatcherWS 1000
Yuhei Nakamura (S)3314.92.26.8
Ryutaro Umeno (T)

First Base

Sho Nakata wins his first in the CL. He won four in the PL with the Fighters. I didn’t vote for him, but it’s easy to see why people did, because he’s easily one of the best when he’s on his game.

Jose Osuna of Yakult was third in the vote.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Sho Nakata (G)1231.82.0
Dayan Viciedo (D)684.52.3
Neftali Soto (BS)2311.53.0

Second Base

I thought this would be the year Tetsuto Yamada would end Ryosuke Kikuchi’s streak, but when you’re the king, it takes a lot to remove you, so Kikuchi wins his 10th straight.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Ryosuke Kikuchi (C)1147.34.7
Tetsuto Yamada (S)879.15.6
Naoki Yoshikawa (G)7111.74.0

Third Base

Kazuma Okamoto wins his second straight. He’s not undeserving.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Kazuma Okamoto (G)130-1.63.0
Munetaka Murakami (S)934.52.5
Shogo Sakakura (BS)2311.53.0


The surprise for me was that 26 voters opted out of selecting anyone in the CL for the award.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Hideki Nagaoka (S)19110.95.9
Takumu Nakano (T)301.15.1


This was a very crowded field of well-qualified players. I had Kuwahara ahead of Koji Chikamoto on my ballot, but the Tigers center fielder wins his second straight, while Yasutaka Sihomi and Yuki Okabayashi each collects his first.

VotesDG UZR 1200WS 1000
Yasutaka Shiomi (S)1919.82.3
Yuki Okabayashi (D)17333.54.0
Koji Chikamoto (T)1706.52.9
Masayuki Kuwahara (BS)1438.94.9

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