2020 NPB schedule

Originally scheduled to start on March 20, a June 19 Opening Day was set on May 25, a nearly two-month delay due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The schedule for practice games leading up to Opening Day can be found HERE.

Regular season schedule

6/19 FriGiantsvsTigersTokyo Dome6 pm
6/19 FriSwallowsvsDragonsJingu Stadium6 pm
6/19 FriBayStarsvsCarpYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/19 FriLionsvsFightersMetLife Dome6 pm
6/19 FriBuffaloesvsEaglesKyocera Dome6 pm
6/19 FriHawksvsMarinesPayPay Dome6 pm
6/20 SatGiantsvsTigersTokyo Dome2 pm
6/20 SatSwallowsvsDragonsJingu Stadium2 pm
6/20 SatBayStarsvsCarpYokohama Stadium2 pm
6/20 SatLionsvsFightersMetLife Dome2 pm
6/20 SatBuffaloesvsEaglesKyocera Dome2 pm
6/20 SatHawksvsMarinesPayPay Dome2 pm
6/21 SunGiantsvsTigersTokyo Dome1 pm
6/21 SunSwallowsvsDragonsJingu Stadium1 pm
6/21 SunBayStarsvsCarpYokohama Stadium2 pm
6/21 SunLionsvsFightersMetLife Dome2 pm
6/21 SunBuffaloesvsEaglesKyocera Dome1 pm
6/21 SunHawksvsMarinesPayPay Dome2 pm
6/22 MonSwallows*DragonsJingu Stadium6 pm
6/22 MonBayStars*CarpYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/23TueGiantsvsCarpTokyo Dome6 pm
6/23TueSwallowsvsTigersJingu Stadium6 pm
6/23TueBayStarsvsDragonsYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/23TueEaglesvsFightersRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
6/23TueLionsvsHawksMetLife Dome6 pm
6/23TueMarinesvsBuffaloesZozo Marine Stadium6 pm
6/24WedGiantsvsCarpTokyo Dome6 pm
6/24WedSwallowsvsTigersJingu Stadium6 pm
6/24WedBayStarsvsDragonsYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/24WedEaglesvsFightersRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
6/24WedLionsvsHawksMetLife Dome6 pm
6/24WedMarinesvsBuffaloesZozo Marine Stadium6 pm
6/25ThuGiantsvsCarpTokyo Dome6 pm
6/25ThuSwallowsvsTigersJingu Stadium6 pm
6/25ThuBayStarsvsDragonsYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/25ThuEaglesvsFightersRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
6/25ThuLionsvsHawksMetLife Dome6 pm
6/25ThuMarinesvsBuffaloesZozo Marine Stadium6 pm
6/26 FriSwallowsvsGiantsJingu Stadium6 pm
6/26 FriBayStarsvsTigersYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/26 FriDragonsvsCarpNagoya Dome6 pm
6/26 FriEaglesvsFightersRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
6/26 FriLionsvsHawksMetLife Dome6 pm
6/26 FriMarinesvsBuffaloesZozo Marine Stadium6 pm
6/27 SatSwallowsvsGiantsJingu Stadium2 pm
6/27 SatBayStarsvsTigersYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/27 SatDragonsvsCarpNagoya Dome2 pm
6/27 SatEaglesvsFightersRakuten Seimei Park2 pm
6/27 SatLionsvsHawksMetLife Dome2 pm
6/27 SatMarinesvsBuffaloesZozo Marine Stadium2 pm
6/28 SunSwallowsvsGiantsJingu Stadium1 pm
6/28 SunBayStarsvsTigersYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/28 SunDragonsvsCarpNagoya Dome2 pm
6/28 SunEaglesvsFightersRakuten Seimei Park1 pm
6/28 SunLionsvsHawksMetLife Dome1 pm
6/28 SunMarinesvsBuffaloesZozo Marine Stadium2 pm
6/29 MonSwallows*GiantsJingu Stadium6 pm
6/29 MonBayStars*TigersYokohama Stadium6 pm
6/30TueGiantsvsBayStarsTokyo Dome6 pm
6/30TueSwallowsvsCarpJingu Stadium6 pm
6/30TueDragonsvsTigersNagoya Dome6 pm
6/30TueFightersvsHawksSapporo Dome6 pm
6/30TueEaglesvsMarinesRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
6/30TueLionsvsBuffaloesMetLife Dome6 pm
7/1WedGiantsvsBayStarsTokyo Dome6 pm
7/1WedSwallowsvsCarpJingu Stadium6 pm
7/1WedDragonsvsTigersNagoya Dome6 pm
7/1WedFightersvsHawksSapporo Dome6 pm
7/1WedEaglesvsMarinesRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
7/1WedLionsvsBuffaloesMetLife Dome6 pm
7/2ThuGiantsvsBayStarsTokyo Dome6 pm
7/2ThuSwallowsvsCarpJingu Stadium6 pm
7/2ThuDragonsvsTigersNagoya Dome6 pm
7/2ThuFightersvsHawksSapporo Dome6 pm
7/2ThuEaglesvsMarinesRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
7/2ThuLionsvsBuffaloesMetLife Dome6 pm
7/3 FriGiantsvsDragonsTokyo Dome6 pm
7/3 FriSwallowsvsBayStarsJingu Stadium6 pm
7/3 FriCarpvsTigersMazda Stadium6 pm
7/3 FriFightersvsHawksSapporo Dome6 pm
7/3 FriEaglesvsMarinesRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
7/3 FriLionsvsBuffaloesMetLife Dome6 pm
7/4 SatGiantsvsDragonsTokyo Dome2 pm
7/4 SatSwallowsvsBayStarsJingu Stadium6 pm
7/4 SatCarpvsTigersMazda Stadium2 pm
7/4 SatFightersvsHawksSapporo Dome2 pm
7/4 SatEaglesvsMarinesRakuten Seimei Park2 pm
7/4 SatLionsvsBuffaloesMetLife Dome6 pm
7/5 SunGiantsvsDragonsTokyo Dome2 pm
7/5 SunSwallowsvsBayStarsJingu Stadium5 pm
7/5 SunCarpvsTigersMazda Stadium1:30 pm
7/5 SunFightersvsHawksSapporo Dome1 pm
7/5 SunEaglesvsMarinesRakuten Seimei Park1 pm
7/5 SunLionsvsBuffaloesMetLife Dome6 pm
7/6 MonCarp*TigersMazda Stadium6 pm
7/7TueDragonsvsSwallowsNagoya Dome6 pm
7/7TueTigersvsGiantsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/7TueCarpvsBayStarsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/7TueMarinesvsLionsZozo Marine Stadium6 pm
7/7TueBuffaloesvsFightersKyocera Dome6 pm
7/7TueHawksvsEaglesPayPay Dome6 pm
7/8WedDragonsvsSwallowsNagoya Dome6 pm
7/8WedTigersvsGiantsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/8WedCarpvsBayStarsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/8WedMarinesvsLionsZozo Marine Stadium6 pm
7/8WedBuffaloesvsFightersKyocera Dome6 pm
7/8WedHawksvsEaglesPayPay Dome6 pm
7/9ThuDragonsvsSwallowsNagoya Dome6 pm
7/9ThuTigersvsGiantsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/9ThuCarpvsBayStarsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/9ThuMarinesvsLionsZozo Marine Stadium6 pm
7/9ThuBuffaloesvsFightersKyocera Dome6 pm
7/9ThuHawksvsEaglesPayPay Dome6 pm
7/10 FriGiantsvsSwallowsHotto Motto Field Kobe6 pm
7/10 FriDragonsvsCarpNagoya Dome6 pm
7/10 FriTigersvsBayStarsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/10 FriMarinesvsLionsZozo Marine Stadium6 pm
7/10 FriBuffaloesvsFightersKyocera Dome6 pm
7/10 FriHawksvsEaglesPayPay Dome6 pm
7/11 SatGiantsvsSwallowsHotto Motto Field Kobe6 pm
7/11 SatDragonsvsCarpNagoya Dome2 pm
7/11 SatTigersvsBayStarsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/11 SatMarinesvsLionsZozo Marine Stadium2 pm
7/11 SatBuffaloesvsFightersKyocera Dome2 pm
7/11 SatHawksvsEaglesPayPay Dome6 pm
7/12 SunGiantsvsSwallowsHotto Motto Field Kobe6 pm
7/12 SunDragonsvsCarpNagoya Dome2 pm
7/12 SunTigersvsBayStarsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/12 SunMarinesvsLionsZozo Marine Stadium2 pm
7/12 SunBuffaloesvsFightersKyocera Dome1 pm
7/12 SunHawksvsEaglesPayPay Dome2 pm
7/13 MonTigers*BayStarsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/14TueDragonsvsBayStarsNagoya Dome6 pm
7/14TueTigersvsSwallowsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/14TueCarpvsGiantsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/14TueFightersvsMarinesSapporo Dome6 pm
7/14TueEaglesvsLionsRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
7/14TueBuffaloesvsHawksKyocera Dome6 pm
7/15WedDragonsvsBayStarsNagoya Dome6 pm
7/15WedTigersvsSwallowsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/15WedCarpvsGiantsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/15WedFightersvsMarinesSapporo Dome6 pm
7/15WedEaglesvsLionsRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
7/15WedBuffaloesvsHawksKyocera Dome6 pm
7/16ThuDragonsvsBayStarsNagoya Dome6 pm
7/16ThuTigersvsSwallowsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/16ThuCarpvsGiantsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/16ThuFightersvsMarinesSapporo Dome6 pm
7/16ThuEaglesvsLionsRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
7/16ThuBuffaloesvsHawksKyocera Dome6 pm
7/17 FriBayStarsvsGiantsYokohama Stadium6 pm
7/17 FriTigersvsDragonsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/17 FriCarpvsSwallowsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/17 FriFightersvsMarinesSapporo Dome6 pm
7/17 FriEaglesvsLionsRakuten Seimei Park6 pm
7/17 FriBuffaloesvsHawksKyocera Dome6 pm
7/18 SatBayStarsvsGiantsYokohama Stadium6 pm
7/18 SatTigersvsDragonsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/18 SatCarpvsSwallowsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/18 SatFightersvsMarinesSapporo Dome2 pm
7/18 SatEaglesvsLionsRakuten Seimei Park2 pm
7/18 SatBuffaloesvsHawksKyocera Dome6 pm
7/19 SunBayStarsvsGiantsYokohama Stadium6 pm
7/19 SunTigersvsDragonsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/19 SunCarpvsSwallowsMazda Stadium6 pm
7/19 SunFightersvsMarinesSapporo Dome2 pm
7/19 SunEaglesvsLionsRakuten Seimei Park1 pm
7/19 SunBuffaloesvsHawksKyocera Dome1 pm
7/20 MonBayStars*GiantsYokohama Stadium6 pm
7/20 MonTigers*DragonsKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/21TueBayStarsvsSwallowsYokohama Stadium6 pm
7/21TueDragonsvsGiantsNagoya Dome6 pm
7/21TueTigersvsCarpKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/22WedBayStarsvsSwallowsYokohama Stadium6 pm
7/22WedDragonsvsGiantsNagoya Dome6 pm
7/22WedTigersvsCarpKoshien Stadium6 pm
7/23ThuBayStarsvsSwallowsYokohama Stadium6 pm
7/23ThuDragonsvsGiantsNagoya Dome2 pm
7/23ThuTigersvsCarpKoshien Stadium6 pm

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