Baseball in Japan

America's national pastime is Japan's most popular sport, and for more than half my life I've been trying to figure it out

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Thank you supporting my site. Because you are reading, I have been trying to create as much new and original content as I can. This requires my own time and money  as my employer does not cover any of my expenses for trips to spring training or the winter meetings. In order to continue to find stories, I am turning to a subscription site from April 1.

Many things will continue to be free: stories linking to my articles published by Kyodo News Plus or the Japan Times, and all the data I can make available, but access to all my independent work will generally require  a subscription of $6.25 for two months.  One post a month will continue to be free. Your support, however, will allow me to write quite a bit more.

One of the projects I am working on will be to make my entire NPB database searchable on line for free. Your support will make that possible as well as help me generate even more research and writing.

I also hope to build a more robust online community among the readers.

You can always contact me at for questions and comments.$6.25

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