Meikyukai Gallery

Former Hawks skipper Koji Akiyama.
Former Hawks manager Koji Akiyama is in no hurry to get back into uniform–except for old-timers games.
Former Carp, Dodger, Yankee righty Hiroki Kuroda and NPB’s all-time saves leader Hitoki Iwase.

The 1st time I interviewed Norihiro Nakamura at Seibu Dome, he was also chilling with Kazuo Matsui, left. That’s former Chunichi Dragons lefty Masahiro Yamamoto in the background.
Just two of the Golden Players from the Swallows on hand.

The very first NPB player I ever interviewed. I wonder if he remembers it as the disaster it felt like at the time.
Longtime coach Masahiro Arai with one of his former charges, Kazuhiro Wada.

The king and I, Sadaharu Oh. Photograph by Koji Yamamoto. 写真家:山本浩二。

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