NPB 2020 6-30 pitchers

Here are the announced starting pitchers for NPB’s games of Tuesday, June 30.

Pacific League

Fighters vs Hawks: Sapporo Dome 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Naoyuki Uwasawa (-) vs MATT MOORE (0-1)

Uwasawa returns to the mound for his first regular-season game since he took a drive off his left knee that shattered his kneecap on June 18, 2019.

Eagles vs Marines: Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Hayato Yuge (1-0) vs Kota Futaki (0-0)

Lions vs Buffaloes: MetLife Dome 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Kona Takahashi (1-0) vs ANDREW ALBERS (0-0)

Central League

Giants vs BayStars: Tokyo Dome 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Shosei Togo* (1-0) vs Haruhiro Hamaguchi (1-0)

Dragons vs Tigers: Nagoya Dome 6 pm, 5 am EDT

Yuya Yanagi (0-1) vs Koyo Aoyagi (1-0)

Swallows vs Carp: Jingu Stadium 6 pm, 5 am EDT


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