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NPB news: June 18, 2023

Carter Stewart Jr. made his season debut, matchup with one of the hottest pitchers in Japan right now. Roki Sasaki took his stuff to Yokohama with a chance to derail DeNA’s hopes of winning the top prize in interleague that isn’t called a championship, while a couple of former Waseda University lefties took their mutual admiration society public.

I want to apologize for posting the incorrect runs scored and allowed total from interleague yesterday. As of Sunday’s games with three left to play, the PL leads 53-50, which is normal. What is unusual is that the two leagues have scored and allowed the same number of runs.

Interleague concludes with Nippon Ham at DeNA Monday, Rakuten at Yakult Tuesday, and Chunichi at Rakuten on Wednesday. If DeNA loses, four teams will finish with 11-7 records and a tiebreak will be used to determine–and I’m not making this up–which of the teams’ .611 winning percentages is the highest winning percentage.

Sunday’s games

Deniers 6, Marines 1: At Yokohama Stadium, I saw Roki Sasaki pitch live for the second time Sunday, and his ERA in those two games is now 6.51. Don’t tell him that or in a few years when we are able to just walk up and talk to him as if he were a normal player, he might not want to talk to me.

DeNA’s Kenta Ishida walked two of the first three batters he faced but surrendered his only run in five innings on Shogo Nakamura’s fourth-inning leadoff homer. Sasaki had better command than usual, but his fastball was straight, and DeNA hitters exploited that to foul him off mercilessly, time him and then hit him well.

Shugo Maki doubled off his WBC teammate in the second and singled in Taiki Sekine in the fourth.

As @JCoskrey wrote: Shugo Maki performs the traditional dance of “I went 3-for-3 with a double, a triple and two RBIs against Roki Sasaki” in the DeNA clubhouse.

After a trip to the mound by pitching coach Tomohiro “Johnny” Kuroki, Sasaki got Maki to hit a fly to the gap on the next pitch. With the outfield in, the ball went from having a slight chance of being caught for the third out to none. Maki wound up on third, and Toshiro Miyazaki lined a straight fastball over the wall at the right-field foul pole for an opposite-field home run.

Maki also doubled to finish the day 4-for-4.

DeNA-Marines highlights
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NPB news: June 14, 2023

On Wednesday in Japan, the DeNA Deniers came their closest yet to recognizing that their graduate of MLB’ sexual assault suspension program has had issues in his past. Until now, the club has portrayed his signing as run of the mill, player released, player signed, end of story, without mentioning his suspension or the fact that 20 MLB teams wouldn’t pay a penny to have the former Cy Young Award winner disgrace their public image.

Also, two of the Yomiuri Giants’ Samurai Japan players continued to cut a swath through the Central League leader board on a night when the CL went 4-2 in interleague.

Wednesday’s games

Giants 7, Lions 1: At Tokyo Dome, Kazuma Okamoto hit his NPB-best 16th home run, breaking a 1-1 third-inning tie, the Giants scored two more runs in the inning, and Shosei Togo (8-1) allowed a run over six innings to take over the league lead in wins. Yoshihiro Maru, who has been on a home run tear, did not hit another but doubled twice, singled, scored twice and drove in a run, while Sho Nakata had two hits, including the 1,500th of his career.

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