Yusei Kikuchi vs SoftBank Hawks, Sept. 28, 2018

This is the game of September 28 at MetLife Dome outside Tokyo with scouts from seven big league clubs out to watch not only Yusei Kikuchi, but Hawks right-hander Kodai Senga — another of NPB’s top arms. I’ve cut the game into Kikuchi’s innings for this one.

Top of the 1st against:

  1. Seiji Uebayash
  2. Keizo Kawashima
  3. Yurisbel Gracial

    Top of the 2nd:
  1. Yuki Yanagita
  2. Alfredo Despaigne
  3. Akira Nakamura
  4. Nobuhiro Matsuda
  5. Tomoki Takata

Top of the 3rd:

    1. Takuya Kai
    2. Seiji Uebayashi
    3. Keizo Kawashima
    4. Yurisbel Gracial
    5. Yuki Yanagita
    6. Alfredo Despaigne
    7. Akira Nakamura
    8. Nobuhiro Matsuda

Top of the 4th:

    1. Tomoki Takata
    2. Takuya Kai
    3. Seiji Uebayashi

Top of the 5th:

  1. Keizo Kawashima
  2. Yurisbel Gracial
  3. Yuki Yanagita
  4. Alfredo Despaigne
  5. Akira Nakamura

Top of the 6th

  1. Nobuhiro Matsuda
  2. Tomoki Takata
  3. Takuya Kai
  4. Seiji Uebayashi

Top of the 7th

  1. Keizo Kawashima
  2. Yurisbel Gracial
  3. Yuki Yanagita

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