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NPB news: July 2, 2022

For the second straight day, Hiroshima’s Ryan McBroom lowered the McBoom on the Giants, while both league leaders came from behind in the late innings to win, causing some sports desk editors to wet themselves across Japan.

We’ve also got Japanese pro baseball’s longest hit streaks, including an homage to the great Tom Lehrer, and the late-inning records of all NPB teams this year. Some of you can guess what this has to do with the Yomiuri Giants.

There were also a ton of deactivations on Saturday, including Masahiro Tanaka and Roki Sasaki after their duel on Friday, so let’s get to it.

Carp 2, Giants 0: At Hiroshima Citizens Stadium, Ryan McBoom accounted for both runs with his ninth home run, with no outs in the ninth off Ryuta Heinai (3-3) to pull Hiroshima to within a half-game of second-place Yomiuri.

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No-Nobody’s business

Japan now has had four no-hitters, including one perfect game, and two near misses (Roki Sasaki’s perfect eight-inning game and Yudai Ono’s nine perfect innings when he allowed a hit in the 10th) by the middle of June.

So what’s going on? Hotaka Yamakawa believes he knows, while the data suggests a combination of three things:

  • A subtle change to the balls’ packaging this year.
  • A gradual shift toward more bigger swings and uppercuts.
  • A gradual shift toward faster and better fastballs,
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