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Yomiuri, the dome and the new stadium

At a Wednesday press conference, the Yomiuri Shimbun Group President Toshikazu Yamaguchi, whose company is involved in a huge real estate development project on the Tokyo bayside that will include a 50,000-seat stadium capable of hosting baseball games, denied there are any plans to move the company’s ball club, the Yomiuri Giants there.

The new ballpark is scheduled to open in 2032,

“It’s only natural to want to try to use it (the new stadium), but no plans have been made around the concept of changing the team’s main stadium,” Yamaguchi said.

I don’t intend to be mean, but when it comes to the Yomiuri Giants and their official pronouncements, the best policy is to assume everything they say is a lie.

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Yomiuri may bite the Hara bullet

Toshikazu Yamaguchi, the Giants’ “owner,” issued a statement after DeNA’s victory Friday that consigned Yomiuri to consecutive fourth-place finishes that tells you two things about Yomiuri: The organization feels the pennant belongs to them each and every year, and changing managers is really, really painful.

“This is extremely frustrating,” Yamaguchi said. “We came into this season intent on recapturing the pennant (for the first time since 2020), but couldn’t stay in championship contention. That point makes this a season that deserves an apology to the fans.”

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