shout out to Adam & Reggie

We are being inundated with news broadcasts and social media showing Americans’ varied responses to the systemic effects of white privilege that resulted in yet another avoidable death at the hands of law officers. The man’s name was George Floyd and his death would have been a footnote had it not been just the latest in a long line of outrages caught on video.

There has been outrage, anger and calls to protest the way America doles out opportunity and punishment to people who live there, citizen and immigrant alike. There have been suspicious voices and bad actors among those trying their best to portray the situation as honestly as they can.

And into that stepped pro ballplayer Adam Jones and Reginald Fugett. Their “Heckle Deez” podcast released Tuesday in response to America’s volatile situation was a work of compassion, an eloquent call for reason and understanding.

I recommend you listen to it because both Adam and Reggie have things to say that cut to the meaning of justice and love for one’s fellow man.

Here’s the podcast. I hope you give it a listen. There is value in keeping things simple and honest. Thanks for the effort guys.

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