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Top 10 time

This is the start of the payoff of something I’ve been working toward for the last 30 years: a comprehensive analysis of players throughout Japanese pro baseball history.

It’s been a hard slog the last month or so, but the efforts have born fruit in a method to put all those seasons into a kind of even basis for comparison through applying Bill James’ Win Shares to old data.

I’ve had broad estimates based, but lacked the data needed to make reasonable run and home run adjustments, as well as catcher’s records against base stealers, and batting records with runners on base and in scoring position to fine-tune them as well as I could.

But with that now in hand, and a new system to generate them that is vastly more efficient, we’ve got some fun stuff.

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Who’s the Big boss

When Tsuyoshi Shinjo declared that he would prefer to be called “Big boss” at his first press conference, a number of those asking questions practically wet themselves when they called him that.

The nickname, he said, is what some people in Bali called him during his time there. And Shinjo said he would prefer to be called that, rather than “kantoku,” the Japanese word used for baseball managers.

This made me wonder how often people are actually using the name to refer to him, so through the magic of Google, I checked up on as many Shinjo stories as a I could stomach.

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