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Roki Sasaki, candyman

Forget “Rocket,” Roki Sasaki is now “The Candyman.” In addition, Japan announced two injuries, but opted for only one roster move ahead of Thursday’s quarterfinal with Italy.

Sweet act of contrition

The Lotte Marines pitcher, who on Saturday struck out eight Czech batters in 3-2/3 innings for Japan, visited the Czech Republic’s team base early Monday morning bearing gifts.

Two days hitting Willie Escala in the knee with a 100 mph fastball, Sasaki showed up with an autographed ball, and a bag full of snacks, ostensibly from the candy manufacturer that owns the Marine and offered his apology. Needless to say, his act was well received.

“That was a wow moment. The Japanese culture never stops to amaze me each day as we are here, this once again took it to another step, another level as a superstar that he is; that he took his time to come to the bus, meet Escala and send us a bunch of candy and sign a ball for Willie, it was a huge sign of respect. And we are so happy to be in Japan to experience this. This is something that is really close to our hearts, and we like this. We really like it. We truly enjoy this.”

–Czech Republic infielder Peter Zyma
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Golden Gloves 2012-2021

Nippon Professional Baseball’s Golden Glove announcements kicked off the offseason media-polled award cycle with few surprises. I am, however, interested in who receives votes, and who, over the years, have received the greatest share of the votes cast.

While the entire undertaking for all the votes since 1972 is a monumental undertaking, NPB has made it easier by publishing the vote totals since 2003, so I wrote a program to scrape those pages and got a record of every player to receive a vote since that year.

I decided to split the 19-year span into one segment of nine seasons (2003 to 2011) and one of 10 (2012-2021), and spill out the three players for each position, nine for the outfield, with the largest share of the votes during those spans.

I’m going to focus on that second period here. You can find the first group in a different post.

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