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NPB news: Oct. 4, 2023

The other shoe dropped in the Giants’ managing drama Wednesday as the Central League’s regular season ground to a halt, the Lotte Marines found themselves in Osaka trying to cement their playoff position as the Pacific League season ticks down, and it’s official, Samurai Japan has a new manager on a short leash.

Wednesday’s games

Giants 1, Deniers 0: At Tokyo Ugly Dome, Iori Yamasaki (10-5) threw a 111-pitch two-hitter to outduel Katsuki Azuma (16-3), who allowed a run on eight hits to take the complete-game loss. The victory was Tatsunori Hara’s franchise-record 1,291st, and consigned DeNA to opening its postseason in the climax series

Before the game, Hara revealed he would not continue managing the Giants next year, the final year of what was ostensibly a three-year contract, but would step down after the game, having made up his mind to get out of Dodge after he became the first manager to steer the club to back-to-back second-division finishes.

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Our next manager

The selectors in charge of picking the next Samurai Japan manager have leaked the news that they have settled on Hirokazu Ibata to manage Japan at the 2026 World Baseball Classic.

Despite that, NPB secretary general Atsushi Ihara, who is in charge of the committee, said there was nothing to talk about at this time. I can’t say I blame him. I have nothing bad to say about Ibata, but considering there are many guys around who have successfully managed at the pro level, Ibata’s selection seems like something NPB is not going to be eager to talk about.

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