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Our next manager

The selectors in charge of picking the next Samurai Japan manager have leaked the news that they have settled on Hirokazu Ibata to manage Japan at the 2026 World Baseball Classic.

Despite that, NPB secretary general Atsushi Ihara, who is in charge of the committee, said there was nothing to talk about at this time. I can’t say I blame him. I have nothing bad to say about Ibata, but considering there are many guys around who have successfully managed at the pro level, Ibata’s selection seems like something NPB is not going to be eager to talk about.

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Shohei Ohtani and the injury felt round the world

The latest drama over Shohei Ohtani’s pitching elbow has, according to Teruyo, who is tuned into the social media Ohtani-sphere, caused a wave of recrimination against the Angels for failing to take the precautions needed to prevent his latest ulnar collateral ligament tear.

Because we know precious little about exactly how elbows heal or are damaged beyond self-repair, or what the Angels and Ohtani did to prevent it, or the actual dangers from two-way play, Ohtani’s injury has unleashed a torrent of comments from people talking out their asses.

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