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The 2023 Hall of Fame

Alex Ramirez waltzed into Japan’s Baseball Hall of Fame and was joined by Randy Bass, as the hall’s voters ended a 29-year drought to induct its first import players since Wally Yonamine in 1994.

Ramirez put together a 13-year career in which he won two MVP awards and two Japan Series rings and reached Japan’s iconic 2,000-hit mark, while Bass had a seismic impact in just five-plus seasons, leading the once-mighty Hanshin Tigers to their first Japan Series in 21 years and their only Japan title since the two-league era began in 1950.

It took Ramirez less than 10 years between his last NPB game and his arrival at the Hall, while Bass waited 35 years. The difference in those figures is attributable not just to the length and quality of their careers but also to the horrid selection process that was used until the last decade or so, and the amount of controversy that stuck to the two.

Not only has Ramirez embraced the Japanese way like few others, he has mastered the accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative. If you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you’ll know I’m convinced that avoiding negatives, or even the whiff of any suspicion of negatives, is a fundamental strategy for advancement in Japan.

Players can have historically brilliant careers here only to be ignored in the Hall of Fame voting if they are not popular enough with the electorate. Sure, there is a line where a player is so accomplished and historically significant that he can get in despite not sucking up to the media in the slightest, see Hideo Nomo, but for most great players, it’s important to appear humble to the point of being obsequious.

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Hall of Fame 2022

Masahiro Yamamoto, who set numerous age-related record as a front-line starter, and Shingo Takatsu, who is second on Japan’s all-time saves list have been elected to the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame, the hall announced Friday.

Both Yamamoto, who pitched his entire career for the Chunichi Dragons, and Takatsu, spent most of playing years with the Yakult Swallows, were elected from the Players Division ballot. They were joined by the late founder of Tokai University, Shigeyoshi Matsumae, who was elected by the special committee for his role in promoting baseball internationally.

For the second straight year, no new inductees were elected from the Experts Division, which considers other achievements in addition to what individuals accomplish during their playing career.

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