TB loses his shit

Trevor Bauer, DeNA’s graduate of MLB’s sexual assault policy suspension program, demonstrated his difficulty dealing maturely with other peoples’ perceived failings for the second straight week Saturday. A week after his response something to joke about, this time it resulted in a volcanic eruption.

What Bauer didn’t approve of, Part I.

A week ago, he had to show up the umpires.

He was called out for interference on his sacrifice bunt attempt when the throw hit him in the helmet while he was running on the fair side of the line. In his next at-bat he ran to first about four feet into foul territory, and tried to make it sound like a joke in his hero interview.

How he responded, Part I

This time he was in convulsions screaming after his teammates failed to get an out after trapping two runners on third base.

What Bauer didn’t approve of, Part II

With Bauer storming around the infield dropping what looked like F-bombs, pitching coach Takashi Saito came out to settle things down. Bauer took the ball in his hand and chucked it somewhere.

The inning ended on a come-backer, which became another opportunity to show up someone. Instead of tossing to his first baseman, he waved his teammate away from the bag and sprinted to first to make the play himself. He threw the ball angrily into the stands, then continued to rage as he stormed past his teammates and toward the clubhouse, screaming all the way.

How he reacted, Part II
  • Announcer: “A lot of things happened in that sixth inning, but Bauer did well to get out of that jam.”
  • Analyst: “At the end, his feelings spilled over!” —(video showing the final out)
  • Announcer: “He’s saying (to the first baseman), ‘Don’t move!’”
  • Analyst: “Still, he didn’t choke. Of course, a lot of foreign players are emotional. Now it’s just a matter of whether he can put it behind him, because he’s pitched well. If he does that and goes forward in this game, that will be a big plus for the BayStars.” —(Video showing a pinch-hitter with helmet on getting ready to bat for the pitcher in the bottom of the inning, and Bauer sitting somewhat calmly in the back corner of the dugout with no comment from the broadcasters).

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