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Always another side to the story

A day after Masahiro Tanaka revealed that he was concerned for his personal safety in Florida after the Yankees’ spring training shut down, a few “people” ridiculed that reasoning on Twitter.

There have been racially motivated incidents targetting Asians, because there are always morons, and when people call COVID-19 the “China Virus” some of those morons feel more liberated to act on their darker impulses. But those who say Tanaka had no reason for concern is saying they know what he felt, saw and perceived, which obviously, they don’t.

One fairly unforgiving response slammed descriptions of Tanaka’s wife, who used to sing with a pop group in Japan, as “a superstar I’ve never heard of,” which is like attacking Melania Trump because you can’t stand her narcissistic husband or Michelle Obama because you dislike Democrats.

Another response:

But justin@J_Ghxst wrote: On behalf of Americans/Yankee fans with common sense, we hope you are safe and do not look down on us because of these people. The people who are harassing you because of coronavirus are not smart at all and do not represent us. Thank You Masa

Why people have to act like trolls is beyond me.