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MLB brand works against WBC popularity

The excitement the World Baseball Classic generates is felt throughout the baseball-loving world. In the United States, the wave of interest is mitigated by a breakwater, an obstacle MLB has nurtured through its branding of the American and National leagues as THE major leagues.

One Twitter wit, summed up the American fans who express vitriol toward the WBC as “People upset that a hard-fought meaningful worldwide championship interferes with practice for a domestic tournament that calls its North American winner the world champion.”

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NPB wrap 11-25-21

The Orix Buffaloes faced their first elimination game of the season on Thursday at Tokyo Dome, and in a series that has switched back and forth between outstanding pitchers’ duels and crazy see-saw battles, we had more of the latter with Adam Jones getting his time in the spotlight, ensuring there would be a Game 6

Season-ending special offer

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