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2019 NPB win shares leaders

I’m sorry this took so long, but I just emerged from a park home run and run adjustment rabbit hole yesterday, and with that out of the way, I was able to get this year’s win shares up and running.

The CL top 10

2019 CL Win Shares Leaders

NameTeamRaw WSBatting WSDef WSPitching WS
Seiya SuzukiCarp30.727.43.3
Tetsuto YamadaSwallows28.924.34.6
Hayato SakamotoGiants28.122.16.0
Neftali SotoBayStars25.122.32.8
Yoshihiro MaruGiants23.818.55.3
Yohei OshimaDragons23.418.44.9
Yoshitomo TsutsugoBayStars22.319.92.4
Tsubasa AizawaCarp21.214.96.3
Dayan ViciedoDragons20.918.62.3
Yusuke OyamaTigers17.112.94.2
The top 10 Bill James win shares from NPB's 2019 Central League

The CL’s top 10 pitchers

Win Shares CL pitchers

NameTeamRaw WSBatting WSPitching WS
Shun YamaguchiGiants14.6014.6
Shota ImanagaBayStars13.4013.4
Yudai OnoDragons13.0013.0
Kris JohnsonCarp12.8012.8
Yuki NishiTigers12.2012.2
Yasuaki YamasakiBayStars12.0012.0
Kota NakagawaGiants11.7011.7
Rafael DolisTigers11.5011.5
Kyuji FujikawaTigers11.3011.3
Daichi OseraCarp10.5010.5
2019 CL pitching win shares leaders

The PL top 10

2019 PL Win Shares Leaders

NameTeamRaw WSBatting WSDef WSPitching WS
Tomoya MoriLions33.230.03.2
Masataka YoshidaBuffaloes28.627.01.6
Shuta TonosakiLions25.919.26.7
Takeya NakamuraLions25.322.03.3
Hotaka YamakawaLions25.323.32.0
Hideto AsamuraEagles24.720.14.6
Jabari BlashEagles23.622.61.0
Haruki NishikawaFighters23.118.24.9
Shogo AkiyamaLions22.520.32.2
Eigoro MogiEagles21.215.35.9
Takashi OginoMarines21.218.72.5
The top 10 Bill James win shares from NPB's 2019 Pacific League

The PL’s top 10 pitchers

Win Shares PL pitchers

NameTeamRaw WSBatting WSPitching WS
Kodai SengaHawks16.0016.0
Kohei AriharaFighters14.7014.7
Yoshinobu YamamotoBuffaloes14.4014.4
Tatsushi MasudaLions13.9013.9
Yuki MatsuiEagles12.7012.7
Yuito MoriHawks11.6011.6
Rei TakahashiHawks11.2011.2
Naoya MasudaMarines11.0011.0
Taisuke YamaokaBuffaloes10.7010.7
Livan MoineloHawks10.1010.1
2019 PL pitching win shares leaders

End of the season stuff

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve hit a snag in my post-season work. To fill in a little bit of that gap before the playoffs start on Saturday, I was curious about which players had the best offensive seasons in NPB this year.

To measure that in a fairly simple manner, I’m borrowing standard wOBA (weighted on-base average) from Tom Tango using the stolen base version.

Here are the leaders in the CL and PL. I’ve included how many road plate appearances each batter had and their road wOBA because some might think their numbers are the product of their home parks. I’ve limited it to players with a minimum of 450 plate appearances.

CL wOBA leaders

LeagueTeamNamePA2019 wOBARoad PARoad wOBA
CLCarpSeiya Suzuki612.423312.414
CLSwallowsTetsuto Yamada641.410325.390
CLGiantsHayato Sakamoto639.410320.373
CLSwallowsWladimir Balentien468.386223.425
CLBayStarsYoshitomo Tsutsugo557.384273.352
CLGiantsYoshihiro Maru631.380320.354
CLBayStarsNeftali Soto584.374293.338
CLDragonsDayan Viciedo594.356297.325
CLGiantsKazuma Okamoto628.351325.350
CLSwallowsNorichika Aoki565.350283.351
CLGiantsYoshiyuki Kamei503.345263.334
CLSwallowsMunetaka Murakami593.341306.308
Players with 350-plus PA and .340 wOBA or higher
LeagueTeamNamePA2019 wOBARoad PARoad wOBA
PLLionsTomoya Mori5730.4082770.423
PLBuffaloesMasataka Yoshida6100.4023100.419
PLEaglesJabari Blash5270.3762780.356
PLLionsTakeya Nakamura5570.3722800.413
PLLionsHotaka Yamakawa6260.3723150.367
PLLionsShogo Akiyama6780.3683400.358
PLEaglesHideto Asamura6350.3683360.365
PLHawksAlfredo Despaigne5190.3672520.349
PLFightersKensuke Kondo6000.3663130.368
PLLionsShuta Tonosaki6210.3633120.359
PLMarinesTakashi Ogino5690.3602920.363
PLFightersHaruki Nishikawa6510.3543330.346
PLMarinesSeiya Inoue5090.3472500.347
PLMarinesDaichi Suzuki6140.3453160.330
PLMarinesBrandon Laird5530.3402890.328
PLEaglesEigoro Mogi6480.3403390.372